László Papp expressed gratitude towards the people of Debrecen for their trust over the past 25 years and aims to continue his work in economic development and make Debrecen a safe, strong, happy, balanced, and environmentally conscious city. He wants to open up new perspectives and opportunities for the residents and envisions a livable and successful city by 2029.

He emphasises that their serious program, the Debrecen 2030 city strategy, approved by the assembly and the government, is being implemented. The 2024 budget is also aligned with this program, prioritising the needs of Debrecen’s citizens. Papp mentions that the campaign will likely focus on areas such as the battery factory issue. He highlights their stance on only allowing environmentally conscious and secure companies to establish themselves in Debrecen, with the help of authorities. 

“My goal is to complete in the next years, in the next term, the work that I have done in the field of economic development in the last ten years, and to put at the service of the city the enormous economic power that has supported the development of the city so far, and to make Debrecen a safe, strong, happy, balanced and environmentally friendly city,” he said.

“We have had a very difficult five years, a cycle of challenges, of problems, of crises. We have had to steer the ship of Debrecen in the right direction in a very turbulent period, so that the citizens of the city feel as little as possible the crisis conditions in which we are operating,” he said, referring to the coronavirus pandemic, the war and the energy crisis.

“Despite all the crises, Debrecen is much stronger today than it was in 2019. I believe that this work will be appreciated by the people of Debrecen,” he concluded.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U