The National Directorate General for Disaster Management will conduct chemical mosquito control in Debrecen in the coming days. The chemical spraying will take place after sunset on Wednesday, the 12th and Thursday, the 13th of July, 2023.

In case of unfavourable weather conditions (rain, wind), an additional day has been allocated – 14th July 2023 (Friday).

The product to be used (Deltasect Plus 1,2 ULV mosquito repellent or Deltasect Plus 20 ULV mosquito concentrate), applied in small quantities (0,6 litres per hectare), kills only the more sensitive insects, is not harmful to warm-blooded animals or humans and its active substance degrades within a few hours.

Mosquito control affects the following areas:

Wednesday 12th July 2023:

  • The whole of the Józsa district 
  • Areas west of main road No 35 (Böszörményi Road) and main road No 47 (Mikepércsi Road)
  • Nyulas district
  • Újkert district

Thursday 13th July 2023:

  • Areas east of main road No 35 (Böszörményi Road) and main road No 47 (Mikepércsi Road)
  • Areas east of Újkert and the Nyulas district.

Proposed measures for residents:

  • Children’s toys, food, cutlery, and clothes dried in the open air should be collected or covered on the day of treatment.
  • It is recommended to keep windows and doors closed and to switch off artificial ventilation devices that introduce outside air for the duration of the treatment and for 1 hour afterwards.
  • It is recommended to wash vegetables and fruits grown in the treated area before consumption or processing.
  • Do not stay in the vehicle’s immediate vicinity carrying out the treatment. The product is airborne; therefore, precautions are recommended in streets adjacent to the treatment.

The municipality is also counting on the cooperation of citizens to ensure effective control, as the public can reduce the number of breeding sites in gardens. The most effective means of controlling insects is to cover rainwater collection barrels and garden basins and to maintain gardens by regular mowing and mowing. This should be done to increase effectiveness.

Source: debrecen.hu | Photo credit: Facebook (Papp László)

Author: Debrecen4U