The Municipality of Debrecen continuously monitors the mosquito situation in the city and will carry out a chemical mosquito control in 2023.

Ground chemical mosquito control is being carried out along the Tócó River on 1st of July 2023, Saturday, after sunset. In case of unfavourable weather conditions (rain, wind), the alternative day will be 2nd of July 2023 – Sunday – also after sunset.

The product to be used (deltamethrin), applied in small quantities (0.6 litres per hectare), kills only the more sensitive insects, is not harmful to warm-blooded animals or humans, and its active substance degrades in a few hours. The chemical is dispersed via a medical fumigator.

The following areas are affected by mosquito control:

  • The district of Úrrétje (from Bognár Rezső Street to Vezér Street), from the line of Szalay Sándor and Fejedelem Streets,
  • Vezér Street residential area (from Vezér Street to Illyés Gyula Street), including Ormós Lajos Street,
  • the residential area of Tessedik-Akadémia Street, from the line of Barta János Street,
  • Liget I and II housing estates (including Lipták András Street and Imre Bán Street),
  • Görömbei András street,
  • Hatvan street garden (between Bartók B. and Kishegyesi Street) from the railway track to Szotyori Street,
  • Nagysándor-telep from Pósa Street to the end of Pósa Street,
  • Fészek housing estate from Nádsíp and Kantár streets,
  • the area around Lóskúti Street from Csillagfürt Street to Kishegyesi Road,
  • Tócóvölgyi housing estate.

The municipality reminds residents to take the following precautionary measures

– Children’s toys, food, cutlery, and clothes dried outdoors should be collected or covered up on the day of treatment.

– For the duration of the treatment and for 1 hour afterwards, it is recommended to keep windows and doors closed and to turn off artificial ventilation devices that admit outside air.

– It is recommended to wash fruits and vegetables grown in the treated area before consumption or processing.

Do not stay in the immediate vicinity of the treatment vehicle! The product is airborne; therefore, precautions are also recommended in streets adjacent to the dispersal areas.

-The municipality is also counting on the cooperation of citizens for effective control, as the public can reduce the number of breeding sites in gardens. The most effective means of insect control is to cover rainwater collection barrels and garden basins and to maintain gardens by regular mowing and mowing. These should be used to increase effectiveness.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U