Almost thirty exhibitors, hundreds of open positions and training opportunities awaited job seekers today at the Kölcsey Centre, at the 10th Napló Job Fair. The event gave visitors the chance to meet directly with employers, including the car and food industry, and pharmaceutical companies.

High-tech companies, the county’s training centres and their recruitment agencies were among the companies on offer at the Napló Job Fair. Electrical maintenance, shift supervisors, CNC machine operators and cashiers, jobseekers could browse through hundreds of open positions of this and similar types.

“I haven’t found a job anywhere yet, but I would love to work for BMW, because I am very attracted to innovation and renewable energy sources, and as BMW said, they are also leaning in this direction,” Bálint Varga said.

The event was not only attended by jobseekers, but also by students. They were mainly looking for the most suitable casual work for them at the booths of  student associations.

“A special feature of this year’s job fair is that in addition to the 29 exhibitors who are here, we have also prepared professional presentations, so those who listen to these presentations can also learn about important and current topics  of the labour market situation,” Editor-in-Chief of Hajdú-bihari Naplós  Kata Vass said.

“Over the past decade, more than HUF 5,000 billion of job-creating investments have been made in the city and almost 20,000 new jobs will be created by 2030,” László Papp noted at the event. 

The Mayor said that Debrecen has been developing its economy in the past with a thoughtful strategy, and as a result, while the previous decade was about creating jobs, the next one will be about filling them.

“When these economic development processes started, the fruits of which we can enjoy today, we also started a very significant development in the field of education, so the number of students at the Debrecen Vocational Training Center almost doubled, training courses were started that specifically reflect the changes and development of the Debrecen economy and development,”  László Papp emphasised.

The main sponsor of the job fair was BMW Group Factory Debrecen. The electric car factory under construction in Debrecen already employs more than a thousand workers and recruitment is ongoing. Currently, they are mainly looking for future colleagues in the production area.

“The Training Centre opened last autumn, the Communication Centre opened in January this year, and within the Communication Centre, our restaurant opened on the  5th of  February, followed by the Health Centre this month, so we are making steady progress,” Head of Communications Réka Jenei said.

Among the almost thirty exhibitors, in addition to the city’s leading multinational companies, small and medium-sized enterprises also offered job opportunities and career paths in Debrecen and the county.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U