Based on public comments and operational experience, DKV PLC. will change the departure times and timetables of buses 34, 35, 35Y and 36 from the 4th of  March. At the same time, buses will resume service between Segner Square and the Józsa district at the weekend, and a new round trip bus service will start in Alsójózsa.

“Józsa is constantly developing. The Józsa Liget Residential Park has been developed and the residents of Harstein-kert have asked for this part of Józsa to be included in public transport, and this will happen from the 4th of  March, “ Deputy Mayor and Municipal Representative of the district, Ákos Balázs stressed at DKV PLC’s press conference on Thursday.

It was revealed at the event that the new Alsójózsa bus round service round twill run on the route: Alsójózsai Street – Nagyszentgyörgy Street – Tokaji Street – Bocskai István Street – Szentgyörgyfalvi Street – Main road No 35 – Szordasi Street – Meszesi Street – Templom Street – Alsójózsai Street.

On the road between Józsa and Debrecen, minibuses capable of carrying up to 20 people will be used until the 2×2 lane road is opened, and after the investment, bus No. 36 will also be able to run on this section.

It is planned to install a guarded bicycle storage in the centre of Józsa, from where all three buses will be accessible. This will allow the people of Józsa to combine cycling with public transport.

“We are very happy that the development has been completed, it will be of great help to the residents. This is a dynamically developing part of the town, and the development of public transport should go hand in hand with it, ” President of Józsa Settlement and Community Development Association, Róbert Juráskó said.

Szabolcs Tóth, the CEO of DKV PLC emphasised that they have been looking for a solution for a long time, which would enable them to provide the people of Józsa with adequate transport services. As he said, from the 4th of  March the weekend cuts will be abolished, the 34R-35R buses will be replaced by 34A and 35A. 35YR will be replaced by 35Y, 36R by 36A. The new round service will be called J1, the minibuses will run six times between 5.00 a.m. and 8.00 a.m., nearly every 30 minutes. Between 1.00 p.m. and 6.00 p.m. , a further 10 services will run, making it easier for hundreds of people to travel during peak times.

DKV PLC has published an announcement about the changes, where more information can be about the changes.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U