From the beginning of next year, the so-called subsidised housing will be launched, initially providing care for ten people with multiple disabilities. The development will cost almost HUF 300 million.

Construction is underway on Méliusz Square, behind the Verest Church, on a house that will house ten young adults with disabilities in less than six months.

“We will be in a wonderful community, but we will also be able to live more independently, so supported housing will be very good,” one of the young people, Gergő Domokos, said.

“We are creating what we call supported housing, meaning they will only receive as much support as they need for their independent living and self-sufficiency. They will have staff on their side, but basically, they can live as independently as they want to,” Zsófia Juhász, director of the Immánuel Home and School explained.

István Oláh, President-Pastor of the Reformed Parish of Debrecen-Nagytemplom Reformed Church, said at today’s briefing that, like the founding of the Immánuel Home, the current development is the result of a real grassroots campaign, a helping initiative; parents of children with disabilities asked the church for help decades ago.

“In Debrecen, caring is not only in the social field but also in the care of the disabled,” Lajos Barcsa has already stressed. The deputy mayor added that the city has a total of 380 disabled people, and the churches play a significant role in this. “In the whole system of institutions of our municipality, we provide care for about 110 disabled people, the Reformed Church provides care for 126 people, and there are also other church providers; for example, the Pentecostal Church provides care for 24 people and the Baptists for 40 people,” he added.

NGOs active in the city serve an additional 80 people with disabilities. The development, which will cost almost HUF 300 million  – partly EU-funded and partly self-financed – is expected to be completed by December.

A new fundraising stall at the Church Fair will support housing for people with disabilities. The Immánuel Home, run by the congregation of the High Church, provides essential support to 125 disabled people and their families. In January, they will expand their services to include supported housing, with ten prospective residents waiting for the construction of a house on Melius Square. The grant does not cover the furnishing of the building, which is why the organisers decided to use the proceeds of the charity donation stall to finance the furnishing of the canteen.

Source: debrecen.hu (dehir.hu) | Photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U