Every year, the Municipality of Debrecen provides resources for developing streets where the drinking water mains or the sewage drainage system have not been built yet.A drinking water pipeline of almost 170 metres is now under construction in Liliom Street.

The contractor started the works on 14th of November 2023 and is expected to finish in 3 weeks, during December. The project involves the installation of a 110 mm diameter drinking water pipeline with the necessary fittings. The gross cost of the project is HUF 10.2 million, provided by the municipality.

This improvement will ensure the supply of water to 7 properties. The properties’ owners will be able to notify the representative of the contractor, who has not yet left the site, of their wish to be connected to the water mains once the backbone has been completed. The property owners will bear the cost of the connection.

The Mayor’s Office would like to draw attention to the fact that the municipal water supply system must not be connected in any way to the water supply system within the property for private use.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U