The staff of BMW Group Plant Debrecen moved into the Communication Centre. More than a thousand people now work at the BMW plant in Debrecen.

The employees of the BMW Group Plant Debrecen are now working together at a new location in preparation for the series production of the Neue Klasse, according to a BMW Group press release.

CEO, Hans-Peter Kemser is pleased with the progress of the construction. ‘In a few months we will start the pre-series production of the Neue Klasse in Debrecen, setting a new benchmark. This applies not only to the car, but also to the processes here. With its short distances, the Communication Centre will enable a good match between people and technology,’ he said.

The architectural designs and implementation are entirely based on the BMW iFACTORY concept.

‘While those working in the non-production area have already moved into the Communication Centre in Debrecen, the employees working directly in production are being prepared in the global production network for their future work in the new plant. This will ensure a smooth start-up for pre-series production of Neue Klasse models in 2024 and series production in 2025,’ they said.

The Communication Centre connects people and products

It was pointed out that the Communication Centre in Debrecen, based on the BMW Group’s headquarters in Leipzig, embodies the link between the technologies of the bodywork shop, the painting plant and the assembly hall. In Debrecen, this basic idea was developed even further, creating a central building in which the network concept was clearly brought to the fore. The architectural plans were prepared in accordance with the principle of open spaces, which provides both opportunities for collaboration and individual focus. The two-story, approx. The 19,000 square metre Communication Center has 9,406 square metres of office space.

There are three main production areas around the administration site. The Communication Centre is where people and products are connected.

‘From the bodywork plant located to the right of the office building, the still unpainted bodies arrive via a transport bridge, and are then transferred over people’s heads, clearly visible through the Communication Center, to the painting plant located in the middle behind it. From there, the bodies, which have now acquired their colour, again continue through the office building to the assembly plant located to the left of it. In this way, the path of the products is also clearly visible to those who do not work directly in production,’ they emphasised.

Architectural concept in line with BMW iFACTORY

‘Digitalization is already playing a major role in  plant construction, as the digital twin of the Debrecen factory practically started production in March 2023. The equipment of the Communication Center also embodies high-level digitization. The meeting rooms are equipped with modern technological elements, thus enabling seamless virtual collaboration beyond the boundaries of the plant,’ they wrote.

‘By keeping the iFACTORY pillars in mind throughout the design and construction process, the office spaces represent sustainable solutions in almost every detail. Green walls, paper-free processes or 5G technology all embody efficiency, sustainability and digitalisation. Sustainability is also reflected in the design of the workspaces. Furniture was chosen from materials that can be easily recycled, for example, there is a lot of wooden furniture in the building,’ they pointed out.


Author: Debrecen4U