The City of Debrecen, together with its Palm Sunday Christian communities, NGOs, artistic groups and residents of the city, will proclaim the unity of Christianity across the borders of the city and beyond with an ecumenical calvary procession. A press conference on the event was held in the Munkácsy Hall of the Déri Museum on the 19th of March 2024.

Mayor of Debrecen László Papp said that Debrecen is one of the most important sacral centres of the country, a city where faith, religion and trust in God will always be of great importance. This is illustrated by events that are linked in some way to Christian festivals. As he said, we are living in a period in the city when our sacred spaces have without exception been renewed, are being renewed, or will undergo a transformation in the future.

“This renewal must be felt not only in our buildings, but also in our souls. With the arrival of spring, Palm Sunday crusade can bring with them a sense of renewal, of being in tune with the festive season. Every year, even during the pandemic, many people felt it was important to believe in the importance of Easter and participate in the Palm Sunday Calvary Procession. The strength of Debrecen lies in its communities, the most significant of which are the church communities, which represent the past, the present and the future, taking into account the traditions, the traditions and the history of the city,” he emphasised. “Church communities in Debrecen are characterised by ecumenism. The churches serving in the city are in very good contact with each other, and we can prepare together for our major church festivals, including Easter and the Calvary Procession  on Palm Sunday.  As in previous years, the procession will have six stations, and the stations will be an opportunity for the churches serving in Debrecen to present themselves. Finally, the Mayor said that the Gospel of Mary, in rock opera form, will return to Debrecen on Holy Saturday evening, at the Csokonai National Theatre,” he underlined.

Bishop of the Reformed Diocese of Tiszántúl Dr. Károly Fekete spoke about the fact that without the faith of the resurrection there is no Christianity. As he said, Mihály Munkácsy beautifully painted the calvary of Jesus Christ, and Jesus Christ is still alive today.

Bishop of the Diocese of Debrecen-Nyíregyháza, Ferenc Palánki, drew attention to the fact that when we walk the way of calvary, we receive the Good News that Jesus taught us through his life, suffering, death and resurrection.

According to the parish priest of the Greek Catholic Parish of Debrecen Dr. Gergely Szarka through the paintings of Mihály Munkácsy we can observe how he saw these stories in his spiritual eyes.

Producer of the rock opera The Gospel of Mary Anikó Lantos said that László Tolcsvay, Péter Müller and Péter Sziámi Müller had dreamed up a story that illuminates the well-known Passion story from the mother’s perspective. She believes that at the end of the performance, the audience can experience a catharsis that is a very uplifting experience for the audience.

Actor and singer Sándor György-Rózsa emphasised that he has played the role of Jesus in several productions so far, but he cannot play it without faith. ”I come from a background where faith was very important. One’s soul quietens down a little, and that is the only way to play Jesus,” he added.

Speaking about the programs, the mayor’s adviser responsible for church and cross-border relations Edit Bódor noted that at the various stations, in addition to the churches, art is called to be involved, and in front of the building of Csokonai Theater the performers will present us with two songs from the Gospel of Mary. As she said, the celebration will start in front of the Great Church with catkin consecration, and the Calvady Procession will end at St. Anne’s Cathedral. During the evening, two concerts await participants. The Lyra Orchestra gives a concert entitled Easter Harmonies in the Small Reformed Church, and Dominica Palmarum, with the participation of the Debrecen Garrison Band, awaits the audience in the Reformed Church of Debrecen in the framework of a musical service.


Author: Debrecen4U