In a performance to mark the anniversary of the poet’s birth last year, the artists quoted from the memoirs of Sándor Petőfi, Júlia Szendrey and Endre Ady. The programme was enriched by nine popular music verse arrangements.

Performance “Freedom, Love – Petőfi 200” was created last year to mark the 200th anniversary of the poet’s birth. It is not the first time that the actor playing the title role has portrayed Sándor Petőfi.

“I played Petőfi in the film “Now or Never!” The film shows a different side of Petőfi, but the rebel Petőfi is the main focus, since it is 15 March. In this concert theatre performance, we see more of the husband, the home, the civil Petőfi,” Nándor Berettyán pointed out.

The free performance has been presented in several venues in Budapest and nine in the countryside and has transported more than 8,000 students back to the 19th century in a modern interpretation. The production’s special feature is that nine arrangements of popular music poems colour the stories told by Julia Szendrey, Sándor Petőfi and the narrator.

“ When we are able to experience some of the poet’s works in practice, approaching the Day of Poetry,  and have such a communal experience, it always gives a certain emphasis to what we have learnt in school. It’s important to use such occasions from time to time to raise young people’s awareness of culture and literacy,” Director of the MCC’s training centre in Debrecen István Bognár said.

The production was presented for the second time in Debrecen, where the audience can see poetry arrangements by musicians such as Gergő Dánielfy, Paulina or Captain Trap. According to István Puskás, the young people were confronted with current  issues in the performance.

“The City Day and the 175th anniversary of the Declaration of Independence are a great occasion to talk about Debrecen, ourselves, the city, our identity, and the place of Debrecen in national culture and history,” the Deputy Mayor said 

The concert theatre performance was awarded the Petőfi Music Award – Music Event of the Year.


Author: Debrecen4U