The details were presented at a press conference by Viktor Papp, head of the Fidesz-KDNP faction of the Debrecen General Assembly, and István Kovács, municipal councillor, on 12th of May 2023.

As Viktor Papp said, this year, thanks to the Rural Area Development Program, the city government will spend approximately HUF 86 million gross on the preparation of road construction projects initiated by the public, specifically on the preparation of the plans required for these projects. Each year, the city focuses more and more on improving transport, whether it be large-scale road asphalting, or road and pavement works, as it is essential to ensure the safety of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The suburban parts of Debrecen have developed dynamically in recent years thanks to government support for family policy, with many housing developments being built or started and even new streets being created in just a few years. The municipality is striving to make these areas as comfortable as possible and as livable as possible.

Continuing a programme that has been ongoing in recent years, planning work is starting on 25 streets that still need solid paving. This will cover almost all parts of the city, from Kerekestelep to Józsa and from Fészek housing estate to Haláp. The municipality will launch a public tender for designers at the end of May, with contracts expected to be signed in August. The plans and permits should be ready by the end of 2023 and/or the first quarter of 2024. The availability of land for future road construction is very important. For this reason, Viktor Papp specifically asked the residents concerned to cooperate and, where necessary, transfer the appropriate part of their properties to the municipality to make the road works feasible. The authorities will only grant permission for road construction and related utility investments if the municipality owns the land that meets the requirements. Where there are no such obstacles, the municipality will endeavour to ensure that road works can start immediately after the planning process. The length of the 25 streets now covered by the planning – or slightly more, as some streets include smaller connecting sections and streets – is approximately 7.5 kilometres.

István Kovács, a municipal councillor, recalled that during most of his public consultation hours, he receives requests from citizens for the municipality to build roads in streets that have not yet been paved. In Csuka Street, where the press conference was held, there is no asphalt road yet, while in the surrounding streets, there is. 

István Kovács also listed the streets in which the planning of the future road construction is now underway. These streets include Dolmány, Fekete István, Tőr, Dézsa,  Hordó, Dessewffy, Kárókatona, Seregély, Bádogos streets and Bádogos köz. It also include the section of Északi sor and Vashámor street not yet included in the road construction, Mogyoró street, Tubarózsa street 1. Árnyas, Platán, Jósa Miklós, Molnár and Csuka streets. The section o Keresztesi street  not yet included in the road construction and  Varsa, Derekassy, Bíboró, Halastó streets, the section of Kartács Street between Hajdú köz and plot No. 22116, the section connecting Újkert and Fáy András Streets – where a parking lot will be built -, Göncölszekér and Kastélykert streets will also be included in the construction. 

The designers will be responsible for constructing and replacing the roads and the utilities under the roads. Drainage plans will also be drawn up for each of the streets concerned. Once the plans have been drawn up, a public procurement procedure for selecting contractors will be launched.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U