A playful competition was organised for upper group kindergarten children at Manófalvi Kindergarten in Újkert. The tasks were related to a Hungarian folk tale. While the participating upper groups competed, the kindergarten teachers discussed professional issues.

A total of forty children from eight kindergartens participated in the competition. One team came from each institution. The varied tasks were based around four Hungarian folk tales, which the children had already worked on in the kindergarten. In addition to skill games, for example, they had to act out a scene from the stories. For the first time, Manófalvi Kindergarten has organised a contest where folk tales are at the centre.

According to Deputy Mayor István Puskás, such occasions are important because the children get a good experience. “I hope that at the end of the day, the princess will really be free. The children experience a story that will teach them a lot and strengthen their community,” Deputy Mayor István Puskás said.


Author: Debrecen4U