The Debrecen International Airport terminal has been extended with a playhouse. There was no such playground at the airport before, but there was a demand from passengers, which has now been met with the support of Schaeffler Debrecen. The company hopes that this will make the passenger handling process smoother for families.

Schaeffler Debrecen supported the creation of the airport playhouse. There was no such space for children at the airport before, but soon there will be two. In addition to the current one, there will be one on the second floor.

“We started working on it about two months ago, and our colleagues tried to find a playhouse or play area where the youngest children, but also older ones, could find something to do. I hope it went well,” Managing Director of Schaeffler Debrecen Ltd. Péter Szabó said.

There was an earlier demand from passengers for a playground, and the airport has responded to this demand. The company management believes iit will be easier for families to keep their children occupied before flights depart. 

“Part of the passenger handling process is how passengers can spend their time in the terminal. The play area is part of this process,”Managing Director of Debrecen International Airport Ltd. Tamás Király said.

Tamás Király added that the airport was also working on making passenger handling smoother, among other things, they wanted to reduce queuing times and increase the floor space of the terminal. 

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U