Incorrect information has been circulating on various social media platforms regarding foreign workers.

According to one of these posts, the Tesco department store in the south of Debrecen will be converted into a workers’ hostel, and a container workers’ hostel will be built on the vacant land behind it to accommodate many workers. 

There is no basis for this information.

In the area concerned, as in other residential areas of the city, it is not possible to build a workers’ hostel. There is no intention or request to do so. Whoever published this information had the sole intention of misleading the citizens of Debrecen.

The Municipality of Debrecen does not allow anyone to build a new workers’ hostel in residential areas, in residential zones, now or in the future.

 Any information to the contrary is untrue. Please treat any information published on social media or any other media in this regard accordingly. 

Debrecen, 22nd of September 2023

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U