The government has declared two developments in Józsa to be investments of high economic priority. László Papp, Mayor of Debrecen, and Ákos Balázs, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen and municipal representative of the area, held a press conference on the 21st of September 2023, with a site visit to present the details.

“We are standing here at the access road connecting the western part of Józsa with the motorway junction. This section of road will connect the North-Western Economic Belt and Józsa to the motorway,” Mayor of Debecen László Papp said, adding that Józsa will have its own motorway connection.

The mayor stressed this development is of particular importance because currently, according to traffic counting data, there are 10,000 vehicles a day coming and going from Hajdúböszörmény and more than 10,000 vehicles from Józsa, which means that more than 20,000 cars pass through Böszörmény every day.

It is a great achievement that the Government has declared the four-lane widening of the 35 motorway between Józsa and Debrecen and the implementation of the northern bypass of Józsa as priority investments, László Papp said. The mayor stressed that the government’s decision represents an even stronger commitment to the large-scale development of the city’s transport system.

“Thanks to the government’s recent decision, the 2×2 lane extension of the main road 35 between Debrecen and Józsa and the planning and licensing procedures for the northern bypass of Józsa should be carried out more quickly, so we can start implementing them sooner,” the mayor pointed out. He said that they are working with the government to ensure that the 354 main road will also be directly connected to the Domokos Márton road and thus to the 33 main road, which means that people living along the Böszörményi road will be able to get rid of even more traffic.

The access road to Józsa could be completed by the second half of October, after which the technical handover could start, and the occupancy permit could be issued, said the mayor, who added that the connection of Elek Street and Rózsavölgy Street to this access road would not be made in the end, according to the decision of the residents. The access road will be opened when the northern bypass is built.

László Papp pointed out that a bicycle connection will also be implemented in this section.

Deputy Mayor of Debrecen and Representative of the area Ákos Balázs said: The municipality has serious transport development plans in Józsa, one of the most dynamically developing parts of Debrecen, as it is of great importance to the families of Józsa that the city centre of Debrecen is easily and safely accessible. He added that there is currently only one access point to Debrecen: the main road 35, with 2×1 lanes. Extending this road section to 2×2 lanes is a long-standing dream of the people of Józsa. In addition to relieving congestion, this improvement would also provide a solution for safe access for the people of Alsójózsa. In addition, the alternative route of a direct link between Domokos Márton Road and the 354 is important for the relief of congestion on Böszörményi Road. 

“The bypass would help people coming from Hajdúböszörmény so that those who did not use the motorway slip road there would have another option here,” he said adding that it would also be an entry point to Debrecen, as it could even be an alternative in a city management system to reach the city.

On the other hand, a faster access point to the motorway would also be much needed for the people of Alsójózsa. This could be achieved by building a 4.4 km section, which would not burden traffic on internal roads.

Ákos Balázs said that a new access point at Felsőjózsa would contribute to a faster connection to the bypass. In addition, Elek Street and Rózsavölgy Street would be given an extra mooring point because of the extremely long stretch of road.

“At the current location, at the end of Elek Street, the first phase of the Józsa northern bypass is currently under construction,” he concluded.

The Government will provide HUF 350 million for the preparation of the continuation of the northern relief road up to the design stage, while HUF 325 million will be provided for the preparation of the section between Debrecen-Józsa and 354 main road No. 35 between Debrecen and Józsa.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U