Participants came from Transylvania and Transcarpathia to the Debrecen Regional Puppet Meeting. On the 26th of May 2024, the groups participating in the program called “Development of Amateur Puppeting in the Carpathian Basin” presented themselves at the Children’s Day lecture series.

The recently formed groups have received professional help in recent months, for example from the professionals at the Vojtina Puppet Theatre, to put on their performances. The aim is to create opportunities for children to experience the joy of creation, both at home and abroad.

“To create communities that can live their lives joyfully through art. The most important thing is that at meeting points they can learn the forms of existence they experience in the community, ”Director of Vojtina Puppet Theatre Anikó Asbóth stressed.

Deputy Mayor István Puskás also gave a speech at the opening of the event.


Author: Debrecen4U