The Municipality of Debrecen informs the residents that the National Directorate General of Disaster Management is carrying out chemical mosquito control in the area.

The date of treatment is 10-11 June, 2024, in the hours after sunset. Additional days are 11-12 June, 2024, same time. The places of the treatment are the Debrecen (with the exception of the inner districts bounded by highway 35 – highway 4 – highway 33) and the Debrecen-Józsa area.

The product used is Deltasect Plus 1.2 ULV mosquito repellent or Deltasect Plus 20 ULV mosquito repellent concentrate. In the small amount applied (0.6 litres/hectare), the preparation only kills the more sensitive insects, it is not dangerous for warm-blooded animals and humans, its active ingredient breaks down in a few hours.

Proposed measures for the public: 

Children’s toys, food, cutlery and clothes stored outdoors are recommended to be collected or covered on the day of treatment. For the duration of the treatment and for 1 hour afterwards, it is recommended to keep windows and doors closed and to switch off artificial ventilation devices that admit outside air. It is recommended to wash fruits and vegetables grown in the treated area before consumption or processing. Do not stay in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle carrying out the treatment. 

The municipality considers it important to take preventive measures to avoid mosquito damage, and has had a specialist measure the amount of mosquito larvae in water bodies and watercourses in residential areas of the city. On the basis of this survey, in May, four areas were also treated with a biological product to prevent the development of mosquito larvae. This method cannot be used to control adult mosquitoes, but their supply can be reduced by killing the larvae.The treatment involved spraying the product on the open water surface. Preventing the larvae from developing also prevents the emergence and reproduction of new generations. The product is selective, acting only on the larvae of the biting midge, with no harmful effect on other aquatic organisms and, of course, no effect on terrestrial insects.

However, the active involvement of the public is also important in reducing the number of mosquitoes. By eliminating breeding sites around the house, they can make a major contribution to the success of organised control. Mosquito larvae can develop in up to a week in rainwater that has been stored outdoors, in uncovered water containers and in various objects. As a complement to mosquito control, property owners are recommended to eliminate, regularly empty or cover small stagnant water reservoirs around buildings. We ask the public to eliminate the water catchments in your home that help mosquitoes breed! If you notice the development of mosquito larvae in your environment, call the attention of your family members and acquaintances to the importance of protection against mosquitoes.

– Turn over and store buckets, cans, wheelbarrows, children’s toys, etc. stored in the yard so that rainwater cannot collect in them.

– Do not  just refill the animals’ drinking water, but replace it regularly with fresh water.

– Cover rainwater collection barrels or cover them with mosquito nets. This will prevent mosquitoes from laying their eggs in the water.

– Maintain gutters and drainage ditches to allow rainwater to run off.

– Lay out tarpaulins, agricultural sheeting, etc. so that water does not stand on them.

– Do not allow water to stand in the flower pots for long periods. Fill the flower vase in the cemetery with small pebbles, gravel or sand and pour the water over it.

– Don’t store scattered rubbish, e.g. tyres, etc. in the open air where water can collect.

– Many species of mosquitoes survive the winter by retreating to shelter from frost in the autumn. Keep your garage, cellar, shed, barn, etc. windows closed in the autumn months or protect them with mosquito nets.

In order to ensure efficient and effective control, the municipality will continue to distribute the mosquito larvae control tablets started in May. The residents of Debrecen can receive the mosquito control tablets by showing their ID and address card until the stock lasts, but no later than the 31st of August 2024. The location is the Old City Hall (Green Area Department, Room 208), during the general opening hours of the Mayor’s Office (Wednesday 8.00 a.m. to 12.00 p.m. and Thursday 1.00 p.m. to 5.00 p.m.). Tablet-treated water must not come into contact with food; so it is not suitable for watering vegetables, fruits and spice gardens either! It can be used for the treatment of water surfaces found near the place of residence, which are not used as drinking water, are not connected to live waters, and are not used for keeping ornamental fish.

Water treated with the active ingredient can only be used for watering lawns and ornamental plants. Rainwater collectors, garden ponds with waterproofing underpinnings and water stains on the insulation of flat-roofed condominiums can all be treated with the pesticide.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U