As Viktor Papp said, the stair renovation programme was launched in 2018 on the initiative of the Fidesz-KDNP faction of the General Assembly’s residential district representatives. Since 2018-2019, 44 staircase renovation projects have been carried out in the residential areas of Debrecen to serve the interests of the residents and their safe transport. This work fits in well with Debrecen’s priority transport development programme, as many road construction, road renovation, junction reconstruction, pavement renovation and pavement modernisation projects have been carried out in recent years. In 2023, the city has earmarked a total of HUF 25 million gross from the budget for the stair renovation programme to be implemented at 6 locations. One of the sites is the staircase between buildings 2 and 4 Görgey Street, where the work has just started, and there will be subsequent staircase renovations in the Újkert, Vénkert, Tócóskert and the block of Bethlen Street and Darabos Street. The city needs to make steady progress with renovating these staircases, and this programme will continue in the future. The municipality will provide the necessary funds for this as far as possible. There will also be places where barriers will be placed on the stairs if they have not been there before to make them even safer.   

Katalin Gyuris Bordásné, a municipal councillor, expressed her pleasure that the stair renovation programme will continue in her district, as the Újkerti housing estate was built between 1977 and 1982. Hence, the stairs in the public area are half a century old.

In the previous years, all but three of the stairs in the passages between the buildings on Cívis and Görgey Streets have been renewed, and it is gratifying that today the demolition of the stairs between the buildings at 2 and 4 Görgey Street has begun. In the coming days and weeks the renewal will begin, which the residents are looking forward to. The renovation of the staircase will improve the safety of the residents, provide equal opportunities for people with reduced mobility and make the living environment more comfortable and aesthetically pleasing.

Author: Debrecen4U