The details were presented at a press conference held on the 8th of September 2023 by Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Lajos Barcsa, Director of the Debrecen Institute for Primary Care and Health Promotion (Daefi) Csaba Papp, and Andor Tarsoly, Head of the Vénkerti Primary School and Primary Art School.

Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Lajos Barcsa said that the Vénkerti Primary School has now been successfully developed in a way that serves the everyday health of children. Since 2015, the infrastructure of the institution has been undergoing continuous renewal. The building underwent a comprehensive energy renovation, followed by internal renovations in 2019 and 2021-22 in cooperation with the school district. The swimming pool has now been completely renovated with a new pool liner, mechanical maintenance works and painting for a total of HUF 8 million.

The pool renovation will ensure that around 1,000 children can learn to swim in the pool during their PE lessons. Swimming is one of the healthiest sports, and the swimming pool is a preventative measure for children’s health.

Lajos Barcsa also said that in cooperation with Deafi and the University of Debrecen, the school’s dental clinic was also renewed, with a new dental treatment unit installed. The new dental clinic will provide dental care for a total of 2,300 children, not only from the Vénkerti Primary School but also from other schools. Lajos Barcsa pointed out that some specialist services, such as orthodontics, are also provided in this dental clinic.

Csaba Papp, Director of the Debrecen Institute of Primary Care and Health Promotion (Daefi), stressed the importance of bringing dental care closer to children through this and similar clinics in other schools.

Following the surveys, parents receive a report twice a year on the state of their child’s teeth, and if an intervention is needed, the school dental clinic can provide a free dental service by appointment within the school health framework.

The director said that before the coronavirus epidemic, the number of children with bad teeth was below 1. During the epidemic, it rose to 2.4 but has now fallen to 1.3. This reduction shows the effect of children returning to regular dental check-ups and treatment, with the cooperation of parents playing a significant role.

Andor Tarsoly, head of the Vénkerti Primary School and Elementary Art School, sees the importance of the renewed swimming pool in the fact that children can learn to swim safely in the water, which can reduce the number of water accidents. The renewal of the dental clinic will provide even better opportunities for children to receive dental check-ups and, if necessary, dental care on-site at the school.

Speaking about the activities of the school, the head of the institution mentioned that this school year, they have more than 500 students, the teacher supply is 100%, and the Debrecen School District Centre provides everything the school needs, but in order for the swimming pool and the dental clinic to be able to welcome children in a decent quality, they need the help of their partners – the local government and Daefi – for which they deserve thanks.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U