The staff of Debreceni Vízmű Zrt. have discovered and are repairing a fault in the sewage drainage system on the main road 35 caused by heavy rainfall.

On 9th of June 2023, in Debrecen-Józsa, at the intersection of main road 35 and Sillye Gábor Street, the pavement next to the sewer cover sank due to heavy rainfall. The main road was closed along its entire width and traffic was diverted by the police.

In this part of Józsa, a separate sewer system is in operation, which means that rainwater and waste water are discharged through separate sewer systems. The sewage pipe was damaged in the incident. The sewer and associated structures were sized for the volume of wastewater normally generated in the district. The interceptors were operating normally before and after the incident.

The experts of Debreceni Vízmű Zrt. inspected the system after the incident and found that the failure of the sewage drainage pipe was caused by illegal connections and the extra load caused by the heavy rainfall. The experts found no other cause of failure.

The technicians started the repair work as soon as possible, but it was not possible to start immediately as they had to wait for the water to drain away from the damage. Subsequently, demolition work was carried out in two places. It was found that the road sub-structure was not damaged. The water had penetrated under the road wearing course and raised it.

On Monday, 12th of June, the damaged shaft was excavated and repaired, and sand backfilling with layer-by-layer compaction began. This work is expected to be completed on Wednesday, 14th of June.

Construction of the sand, gravel and concrete base for the road is expected to start on Thursday, 15th of June. Asphalt paving is expected to start next week.

Source: debrecen.hu |Photo credit: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U