The replacement of street lights in Debrecen continues, and the leader of the FIDESZ-KDNP
parliamentary group in Debrecen Viktor Papp held a press conference about the works on the
1st of September 2023.

Within the framework of energy efficiency measures, the programme for modernising the city’s
street lighting was launched on 9th of May this year, Viktor Papp recalled.

“We intend to use this modernisation to reduce emissions and cut expenditure, as less
consumption of a modern lighting system will also mean less cost in the future. Out of the
25,000 luminaires, 6,000 will be replaced under this programme, for which we will spend HUF
1.6 billion. Based on current energy costs, the payback period is three and a half years,” Viktor
Papp said. As part of Phase I, he said, 832 luminaires have been replaced at nine locations
(streets and public areas), which will already generate significant savings.

The group leader stressed that on the 14th of August, as part of Phase II, the modernisation of
11 sites took place – including the site of the press conference on Péter Veres Street – during
which 783 luminaires will be replaced, resulting in an installed power reduction of approximately
68 KWh and a reduction of the same number of tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions.

“Basically, if we look at the city as a whole, the installed KW is 2100 KW, which is expected to
be reduced by one-third, 700 KW, as a result of the LED replacement programme, which means
that we will also reduce the emission of pollutants by one third, which according to preliminary
calculations will also result in a reduction of 700 tonnes/year of pollutant emissions,” he added.
He pointed out that more than 600 luminaires have already been replaced in Phase II so far,
and the remaining 200 or so will be replaced in the next week or two.

Upgrades have been completed so far on Vámospércsi Road, Bartók Béla Road, Mester nach,
and on the main road 35, and work is currently underway on Veres Péter, Faraktár, Hunyadi
and Rákóczi streets.

In Phase II, the replacement of lights on Acsádi Road, Kossuth Street and Burgundia Street will
continue, which will also improve the lighting of public spaces.

The preparation of Phase III is also underway and it is hoped that it can be launched in a few
weeks. This programme is also fully in line with the environmental policy that the city has
announced, as we have initiated a number of actions with green and sustainable functions that
aim to make the city of Debrecen green and sustainable. In order to increase energy efficiency,
a number of institutions have already carried out energy upgrades in the recent period. “If we
look at the energy efficiency improvements in our public institutions, kindergartens and day-carecentres, we have already achieved significant reductions in emissions in Debrecen,” he conluded.

Source and photocredit l debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U