Mayor László Papp and Deputy Mayor and the municipal representative of the area Lajos Barcsa, reported on the details of the investment at a press conference on the 27th of May, 2024.

As Mayor László Papp said, transport development has been a very important priority element of the city’s development programmes for several years now. This process has really accelerated in the last one or two years, as large-scale road construction works have been and are being carried out throughout the city in 2023 and in 2024. This year, 57 streets will be covered by the city’s road rehabilitation and construction programme. Of those 57 streets, 23 are under construction, 26 streets are undergoing major asphalt paving, partial or complete reconstruction, and 8 residential service roads are being reconstructed this year. In total, the municipality will spend more than HUF 4 billion in 2024 to improve and renovate roads in Debrecen.

The mayor said that Lajos Barcsa is the representative of this area since 2014, and has been effectively representing the interests of local residents since the comprehensive development of Bezerédj Street was launched last autumn. A section at the beginning of the street had already been asphalted, but 440 metres of it lacked a proper pavement. As the city strives for complexity in this type of development, it was not only the road construction that had to be tackled, but also the replacement of the electricity lines, storm water drainage and street lighting improvements. On the section of Bezerédj Street affected by the renovation, 11 lamp posts were installed and 14 LED street lighting luminaires – adjustable, energy-saving – were installed. Both physically and legally, this improvement was completed by mid-May. The stormwater drainage system has already been “tested” during last week’s heavy rainfall and experience shows that it has stood the test without any disruption to traffic. László Papp was pleased that the local government could contribute to making the area more liveable and comfortable than before. 

Deputy Mayor and representative of the area Lajos Barcsa recalled that in 2018, a public forum was held with the residents of Bezerédj Street, many of whom initiated that the municipality should pave the street. One of the main conditions was that the municipality could not build a road without land. The residents of the street understood that it would take a joint effort to overcome this obstacle. Once the plans were finalised, the process of acquiring the land for the development could begin, and the residents typically offered the land voluntarily. The municipality compensated these residents for the necessary utility replacements and fence relocations.Mayor László Papp supported the initiative to asphalt Bezerédj Street, so that construction could start at the end of September 2023.

Lajos Barcsa also said that in his district there have been several road improvements in recent years. As an example, he mentioned the asphalting of a previously unpaved section of Diófa Street, and the asphalting of Gohér Street will start in the near future. Large-scale asphalting works have been carried out on Gyergyó and Köntösgát streets, while on Bartók Béla street there was a lane extension. In recent weeks, asphalt works have been carried out on sections of Böszörményi Road and Sinai Miklós Street, and are currently being carried out in a private project near the former Domus department store. Lajos Barcsa thanked the residents for their patience in the vicinity of the current works and expressed the hope that these investments will be to everyone’s satisfaction.  

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U