The investments were presented at a press conference by István Kovács, the local government representative of the area, at Keresztesi Street 2024 on the 31st of May.

He said that the missing asphalt pavement section of Keresztesi Street could be paved. This would benefit not only the residents but also through traffic, which would be able to move faster. Keresztesi Street, like many other streets in the area, is one-way and the traffic on it is not allowed to go through. He mentioned that he would be looking into a possible rethink of the traffic flow on these streets, based on requests from residents. This issue will be examined by experts.

A 188-metre stretch of road is now being built in Keresztesi Street with a width of 3.25 metres. To improve drainage, a closed channel will be built and 5 street lights will be replaced by modern LED luminaires.

István Kovács also said that road works had started on sections of Kárókatona Street and Mészöly Géza Street. It is planned to complete the works in all three locations by the end of June, weather permitting.

He also recalled that a section of road in Seregély Street in Haláp was completed this year. Kovács said this shows that the city’s economic strength is growing, with more opportunities for development and the realisation of expected investments.     

Author: Debrecen4U