On the 21st of November 2023, the replacement of the ageing asphalt pavement from the end of Garai Street towards Mester Street started.

Csaba Papp, the municipal representative of the area, held a press conference about the works on 22nd of November 2023 at the site. As he said, this development is also very gratifying for him since the years of this municipal term are about the renewal and development of the city’s road network. As an example of his constituency, he mentioned the construction of the third section of the Western Ring Road, a HUF 2 billion investment, the HUF 1.5 billion investment to increase the capacity of Bethlen Street and Egyetem sugárút, the renewal of a section of Mester Street and Pesti Street, and the modernisation of Segner Square, a HUF 120 million investment. 

Much attention has also been paid to the renovation of pavement sections in the district – for example, on Hortobágy Street, pavement upgrades were carried out in three phases for a total of HUF 63 million.

The representative thanked the people of Debrecen for their patience and understanding during all these investments, given the traffic difficulties that inevitably occurred at the sites of the works. He stressed that the renewal of roads and pavements in Debrecen will continue in the coming years, and for him, as a health professional, developing cycle paths to encourage people to lead more active lifestyles is also very important. And the length of safe cycle paths is increasing dramatically in his constituency and across the city. 

On the renewal of the end of Garai Street towards Mester Street, Csaba Papp said that the entire road structure will be replaced on the 40-metre stretch, and then, like the rest of the street, the section to be renewed will be paved with paving stones, and the pavement on the odd side will also be renewed. The green space on the even side will be maintained. The municipality will finance the project from its own resources, with a budget of HUF 10 million. The works are scheduled to take three weeks, depending on weather conditions.

During the construction works, the affected end of Garai Street has become a dead end; –  it is not possible to drive onto Mester Street. On Garai Street between Jókai and Mester Streets, a two-way traffic regime has been introduced.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U