The details were announced at a press conference held by Mayor László Papp on the 23rd of  May 2024.

Mayor László Papp said in advance that the Pallag district cannot be left out of the city’s major infrastructure investments. The construction of the long-awaited Pallagi cycle path is nearing completion and will soon be open to traffic once the physical completion of the cycle path and the authorisation procedure for its use are completed.

The mayor added that the D2030 programme also includes infrastructure developments in Pallag. Pallag in general is a dynamically developing suburban area of Debrecen, where mainly educational and sports functions are emerging alongside housing.

László Papp underlined that Pallag will continue to be a quiet suburban part of Debrecen. The internal infrastructure improvements are definitely justified as a result of the new land allocations and the residential developments, which is why the road construction will be launched at the junction of Kellermann Márton Street and Fekete István Street.

Regarding the construction of the first phase of the Fekete István Street, László Papp said that the works started on the 21st of  May, during which the section between Szelényi Ferenc Street and Bocz Ernő Street would be paved with a solid pavement in a length of 275 metres and a width of 5.5 metres. As part of the project, open rainwater drainage ditches would be constructed.

He pointed out that this road is the main gateway to the Barackvirág Residential Park. When the road is fully completed, there will be no complaints from residents about traffic speeds. To achieve this, the designers will create different intersections, both in level and in colour. The intersection of Kellermann Márton Street and Fekete István Street, for example, is already being paved in red and paving stones are being laid at the crossings. Every second intersection will thus be highlighted, encouraging motorists to slow down.

The investment is worth almost HUF 100 million.

Regarding the timing of the works, the Mayor said that earthworks started on the 21st of May 2024 and are expected to be completed in the first half of July 2024, depending on weather conditions.

László Papp pointed out that currently 57 streets are either under road construction or road renovation, in connection with the large-scale transport development programme in the city. Of these, 23 streets are scheduled to start new construction this year, 26 streets are undergoing road repair and large-scale asphalting works, and a further 8 residential service roads are being renovated as part of the package. Around HUF 2,5 billion is planned to be used for this purpose.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U