From now on, surgeries requiring the highest precision will be performed in a robotic surgery centre at the Clinical Center of the University of Debrecen.

The Da Vinci robot-assisted surgical system is a revolutionary technology. During surgery, the surgeon will control the robot, which will be continuously assisted by a number of sensors. The world-class technology will make surgery at the Surgery Clinic much more precise and safer thanks to HUF 1.3 billion robot surgery centre.

“The development was made possible with significant RRE funding, which will greatly improve our competitiveness in the fields of medicine, education and scientific research,” President of the Count István Tisza Foundation for the University of Debrecen György Kossa said.

At the inauguration of the robotic surgery centre, Mayor László Papp said there had been a number of very significant developments in the health care system in Debrecen in recent times, and with robotic surgery the future had arrived in Debrecen in this respect as well. “Thanks to the current development, I am sure that many citizens of Debrecen or living in the care area will get a new chance for a healthy life thanks to a higher quality care,” he stressed.

The newly inaugurated robotic surgery centre is the most significant technological development in the history of the University of Debrecen. It serves well all the main missions of the institution of higher education, from medicine to science and research.

“They can cultivate their profession and their science at a world-class level, and the students see this during their studies as students,” Rector Zoltán Szilvássy emphasised. The use of the state-of-the-art robot-assisted surgical system is a significant step forward in the life of the Clinical Centre, as well as in the lives of patients.

“This is a device for surgical interventions with millimetre precision, which can reduce complications during surgery, make patients’ recovery easier, allow them to return home to their families sooner and significantly reduce waiting lists,” President of the Clinical Centre Zoltán Szabó pointed out.

The robotic surgery centre will support precision surgery in four specialties in addition to general surgery. 

The new robotic surgery centre will also perform urology, gynaecology, ear, nose and throat surgery.


Author: Debrecen4U