‘As part of the Green City Program, the Sas Street underground garage has been completed,’ Mayor of Debrecen László Papp announced on the spot on the 26th of January, 2024.

The mayor said that the underground car park, consisting of seven semi-levels with a capacity of 207 cars, required particular attention and expertise to be built in the historic city centre.

“The investment is one of the most significant transport improvements in recent years and can be of great service to the city’s transport system,” the mayor stressed. He recalled that the construction of the underground car park practically started with the reconstruction of Dósa nádor Square, as the reconstruction of the square and Csapó Street eliminated a lot of parking spaces in the city centre. He said that a very complex facility, meeting the highest safety standards, had been completed in a historic environment, almost attached to a very old wing of the town hall, the Little Orbán House.

“Two ramps have been installed at the Kossuth Street entrance of the building, and a lift has been installed in the stairwell to allow people with reduced mobility or limited mobility to use the parking lot. This car park has been designed and built with the spirit and expectations of the new age in mind,” he stressed. 

The mayor added that the underground car park is also prepared for electric cars and e-mobility, as twenty parking spaces have been created with double charging stations, of which ten are now equipped with charging stations. “There is a free wi-fi network on all levels of the car park, so there is no need to use a parking machine when paying a parking or charging fee,” he added. A net cost of HUF 4.4 billion was spent on constructing the underground car park, and the contractor was Hunép Zrt.

István Nyikos, the managing director of DV Parking Kft, emphasized that they have created an exemplary customer-friendly parking system in the country. He added that They have established full wi-fi coverage, which is connected to the electric chargers and the operation of the parking system. Orientation in the garage is facilitated by 3D imaging, which is available on the DV Parking website.

Mayor László Papp pointed out that together with the garage, a beautiful park was created, as a green space was created on the surface of the underground garage in the bay of the Little Orbán House, which can be used by students, workers and people living in the city centre. 

The 1770 square metre area, owned by the municipality, has been named Saint Stephen’s Park in reference to the statue of Saint Stephen on Dósa nádor Square. Speaking about the future, the mayor said that the renovation of the ÁNTSZ-building is still to be completed, but once this is finished, the final design of the square will be completed.

Ákos Balázs, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen, recalled that the city’s Green Codex, the Debrecen Environmental Programme, was presented this week. 

He said that part of this codex is to create green parks in the city, and Saint Stephen’s Park is in line with this plan. He noted that trees could not be planted in Dósa nádor Square because of underground utility networks but that instant forests could be created.            

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U