The Debrecen Charity Board has started a collection of school supplies for families and children in need.

The details of the relief action were presented by the Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Diána Széles, President of the Debrecen Charity Board (Debreceni Karitatív Testület) András Törő and Secretary of the Ördögpapír a Gyermekekekért Foundation Richárd Ördög at a press conference on 3rd of August 2023.

At the press conference, Diána Széles pointed out that in the current difficult economic situation, starting school is an even greater burden on families’ budgets, especially when the parent is raising the child alone or where there are several children.

 “We would like to ask the people of Debrecen to think of those in need, who find it difficult to buy school supplies for the new school year,” the deputy mayor stressed. Every year they have prepared packages for families and children in need. It was distributed by the Family and Child Welfare Centre, member organisations and the Debrecen Charity Board, as these organisations are in daily contact with the beneficiaries and can determine who really needs help.

“We would very much like to see as many companies as possible join this action. Ördög-Papír has been supporting the Board for years, and through the Debrecen company, we can help those in need,” the deputy mayor pointed out, adding that donations will be collected at the Auchan supermarket, and donations are also expected to a bank account set up for this purpose similar to previous years. 

She stressed that the donations raised from the VIP reception of the Campus Festival will be donated to the Regőczi Foundation and the Debrecen Charity Board, which will be used to buy school equipment for families in need.

In addition to this, the Municipality of Debrecen also provides assistance through the social support scheme, which is subject to an income threshold. Diána Széles pointed out that this year the amount of the back-to-school allowance has been increased from HUF 6,000 to HUF 9,600 per child, and applications can be submitted to the social services department.

The application period for the subsidy is from 1 st of July to the 31st of  October of the current year. Applicants can find information about the subsidy on the city’s website. 

András Törő said that Ördög-Papír has been supporting the work of the Board for years, and this time, they asked for the help of the member organisation to start the collection of school supplies in Ördög-Papír shops operating in four different locations in Debrecen.

“We hope that this organisation will facilitate the possibility of donations since the school supplies can be purchased and donated in one place,” he said. András Törő encourages everyone to contribute to this collection if they can help the children of Debrecen to go to school. For those for whom it would be burdensome to go to a shop, they offer the possibility to donate to the bank account of the Debrecen Charity Board, he concluded.

Richárd Ördög said that they are not only connected to the Debrecen Charity Board, but are also members of it, so it is only natural that they get behind them and help with the charity initiative.


Donations of school supplies are welcome between the 3rd and 27th of August 2023 at Ördög-Papír stores in Debrecen (during opening hours) and at the Auchan store in Debrecen (Kishatár Street. 7.).

Bank account number o the Debrecen Charity Boar: 10702064-18791271-52500006

(Please indicate in the message: tanszergyűjtés)

The collection points accept notebooks, pencils, erasers, ball-point pens, rulers, protractors, compasses and other school supplies, and used but in good condition school bags, pencil cases, gym bags and hygiene products for primary school.

In 2021, nearly 500 parcels were collected, while in 2022, 570 school kits were handed over, worth nearly HUF 5,000 each, and around 300 students participating in summer childcare also received a parcel worth nearly HUF 2,000 each. The total value was nearly HUF 3.5 million.

As in previous years, several companies in Debrecen joined the campaign in 2023. In addition to Ördög-Papír, Deufol Hungary Kft., Gravic Hungary Kft. and DVSC Labdarúgó Akadémia Nonprofit Kft. are also participating in the fundraising.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U