The Sustainable Debrecen Award was awarded to Shoprenter Kft. by the Municipality of Debrecen representative, Deputy Mayor Ákos Balázs, on Tuesday, 17th October 2023.

The Municipality of Debrecen pays special attention to environmental protection. Since 2019, the Sustainable Debrecen Award has been awarded to business organisations, institutions and working groups whose activities serve as an example to be followed on the road to creating a sustainable city.

In 2022, a new concept for the award was developed based on the recommendations of the Green Task Force. The new competition aims to recognise high-quality, outstanding work by farming organisations and communities that are environmentally aware, environmentally conscious and sustainable and that work to protect and improve the built and natural environment of Debrecen. Based on the decision of the Environment and Urban Development Committee, the Sustainable Debrecen Award will be given to Shoprenter Kft. in 2023.

Speaking at the ceremony, Deputy Mayor Ákos Balázs said that in the global economy, the cards are being reshuffled, and only those cities that develop sustainably will be successful. Debrecen’s strength is shown by the fact that companies are involved in building the city’s community to the best of their abilities. The activities of Shoprenter Ltd. are an excellent example of this community building, as the company’s employees are young people who think responsibly about the future.

The deputy mayor underlined that the Sustainable Debrecen Award has made Shoprenter Ltd. an excellent community member. And the importance of this is that the more of us there are, the more we can talk about sustainability. This award recognises that Debrecen has a cohesive community of people who care about sustainability.

Máté Rab, Managing Director of Shoprenter Ltd., thanked the award on behalf of the company’s 80 employees and said that the company’s social responsibility strategy includes a number of sustainability-related points to which they adhere.

Sustainability Work by Shoprenter Kft.

Shoprenter’s mission is to help home-grown entrepreneurial people become online store owners and then become market leaders. They provide an e-commerce ecosystem that gives merchants unique support in this country. Their services include a high-functionality ecommerce engine, regular training and consultations, an expert portal, installable third-party applications, advanced customer support and the organisation of Hungary’s largest ecommerce event (Ecommerce Expo).

Shoprenter’s CSR Strategy is based on three pillars:

– Healthy Shoprenter: A healthy body, a healthy soul. It is important for Shoprenter to have a healthy, vibrant team. That is why they work for the well-being of their colleagues and, through them, their families.

– Green Shoprenter: They do their part to protect the environment. As a national player, they support causes that help ensure the next generation lives in a liveable world. They have introduced a number of measures to promote energy efficiency.

– Supporting Shoprenter: Teaching others to “fish”.

 They give back the accumulated knowledge to the less fortunate but determined groups, individuals and institutions around them.

Shoprenter Ltd. seeks to support colleagues in several areas to get to work.

By using the Telekocsi Slack chat channel, colleagues who drive to work offer their available seats to others.

They have joined the Bring Your Bike Breakfast initiative and have both covered and uncovered bike storage. They organise joint cycling trips.

They pay a lot of attention to separate waste collection. Recycling bins are placed in all the office premises.

The company is also steadily reducing its use of paper, and contracts and performance confirmations are now completely paperless.

Articles promoting sustainability are regularly published.

Each month, they choose their partner Webshop of the Month, with extra points awarded to those that aim to be sustainable.

The Sustainable Debrecen Award has so far been awarded to Mamamibolt, ITK Group, Green Drops Farm Kft., NI Hungary Kft., Eurings Zrt., Szinorg Universal Zrt., Szepesi Virágkertészet Kft., FAG Hungary Industrial Ltd., Mastiff Ltd., Sensirion Hungary Kft, Kós Károly Art High School, Technical School and College, Homokkerti Pitypang Kindergarten, Ady Endre High School Debrecen and Decathlon Debrecen.

Source: Debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U