The city’s small and medium-sized enterprises employ 26,000 people. Over the past three years, the government has provided HUF 3,600 billion in investment incentives for SMEs.

There are only three of the giant hydraulic power cylinder service and test benches available in Europe. It is one of the technological advances that the family business, founded in 1991, has acquired with EU support. Intramark  manufactures and supplies industrial sealing products. They also have a new site in Debrecen, employing 40 people.

“Several milestones have marked these 30 years, while our sites have typically been self-funded, and several tenders have financed our equipment upgrades,” Managing Director Viktor Vántus said.

Small and medium-sized enterprises play a key role in Debrecen’s economic development strategy, generating HUF 900 billion in annual turnover and employing 26,000 people. From the Business 2030 programme to the Suppliers’ Forum and the Entrepreneurs’ Park, the city administration is taking several steps to support SMEs

“When we help small and medium-sized enterprises in Debrecen to develop, we are also helping the workers and families of Debrecen to make a living,” Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Lajos Barcsa stressed.

At the same time, the last few years have not been easy for businesses. From the Covid epidemic to the Russian-Ukrainian war and the sanctions response, it has been a series of difficult situations. In the past three years, the government has given HUF 3,600 billion in investment incentives to businesses operating in Hungary, two-thirds of which were available to domestically-owned SMEs. Government Commissioner László György said they were confident that the economy could return to growth next year.

“In the last three years, Hungary has seen 20-30% more investment than the EU average yearly and 30-40% more than our Visegrad competitors. Investment in the present is the growth of the future”, László György pointed out.

Richárd Szabados, managing director of IFKA Nonprofit Kft., which is also involved in enterprise development under the auspices of the Ministry of Economic Development, said that a multi-pillar support system for micro, small and medium-sized enterprises had been developed.

What is going on here in Debrecen is unprecedented, so if you look at the last 10-12 years, the development that has taken place here is really unique at the national level,” Richárd Szabados pointed out.

The investment of Intramark Kft. exceeded HUF 222 million, for which they won a grant of more than HUF 155 million.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U