On 21st of May 2024, Mayor László Papp announced the launch of a HUF 200 million fund to support the renovation of local buildings with enhanced protection.

“The 2024 budget includes a number of decisions of major importance for the life of the city. Overall, the budget includes a budget of HUF 700 million to support the renovation of privately owned residential buildings, of which HUF 500 million has been earmarked to support the prefabricated programme, which is based on industrial technology or brick built before 1990, we have also launched a separate HUF 200 million programme for the renovation of buildings of architectural heritage and architectural value in the city, “ Mayor László Papp said.

He pointed out that the city is developing very dynamically, so the housing market will also gain momentum in the coming years. In this context, he said “it is particularly important that the city is able to ensure the preservation of buildings that are part of its traditional architectural character. He emphasised that there are currently 305 residential buildings under local protection in Debrecen, and in the last five to seven years a very large number of buildings have been placed under local protection, with more than 130 buildings under monumental protection. A lot of decisions have been taken to preserve the architectural heritage of the city, but at the same time it should be added that the renovation of these old buildings is an incredibly heavy burden for the owners, which is why the renovation programme to preserve the city’s architectural heritage has been launched.

Speaking about the tender, the mayor said that in the first instance they would like to support the renovation of larger-scale apartment buildings. In the first instance, the local authority’s subsidies could be used to renew the facades of the buildings, to renew the roof structure and cladding and to replace windows and doors. He added that the city would like to allocate at least HUF 200 million from next year’s budget to continue the application, depending on its financial capacity.

Chief Architect István Gábor stressed that the buildings under local individual protection are a defining element of the cityscape in the city centre. He added that this caring character and value of Debrecen should also be reflected in these buildings. 

Applications for the renovation programme can be submitted to the municipality until the 30th of  September 2024. The application is available at website www.helyivedett.debrecen.hu.


Author: Debrecen4U