The 2×2 lane widening of main road 33 is underway in the Kismacs area. 

The two intersections of Napraforgó Street and Orgona Street will be reconstructed to ensure safe access and egress with the installation of traffic lights.

Last year, the Zöldmező Street junction of the cycle path was constructed to allow residents easy access until the junction is rebuilt. 

The contractor Strabag Zrt., who carried out the 2×2 lane widening of the main road 33, temporarily closed part of the cycle path and opened a small section of the road to allow the Orgona Street junction to be constructed according to the road construction plans. 

During this time, cyclists will be able to use the new temporary route on Zöldmező Street with a concrete base. From mid-June, the closed cycle section will be reopened to traffic, and cyclists can use the original route.

Cyclists are reminded that, due to the noise barrier and other works, this section of the cycle path may be temporarily closed periodically until the end of August.

Road users should use caution during construction.

Source: debrecen.hu | Photo credit: Pixabay

Author: Debrecen4U