Temporary Workers’ Housing Can Only Be Built in Industrial Zones

2023.03.29. | Economy & Development, Investment & Innovation, News

Temporary accommodation is being set up for construction workers in connection with factory construction.

The Debrecen Assembly  discussed the price of amendments to urban planning instruments at its last meeting. One of its points was about the construction of workers’ accommodation along the Southern Economic Zone in Debrecen.

“It is the firm position of the city administration that workers’ housing cannot be built near residential areas in Debrecen  and local regulations prohibit this,” Mayor of Debrcen László Papp said.

He pointed out that in two large new industrial zones of Debrecen, major factory construction works are and will be carried out, and workers involved in these works are allowed to set up temporary workhouses in or along the industrial zones. It is also possible to open small shops in these shelters.

In the Northwest Economic Zone, where the BMW factory is being built, such temporary shelters will be set up in the future for workers on the construction site, and now they will be set up in the South Economic Zone.The mayor pointed out that although BMW, Semcorp and Ecorpo BM had contacted the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre and that they will mainly employ Hungarian workers, but there will also be some foreign workers in these companies.

László Papp said that the unemployment rate in the eastern counties is higher than the national average, that there is still a reserve here, and that it is more profitable for companies to employ local workers than to bring in workers from abroad. He stressed that skilled labour is even more important here, so the role of the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre is very important in the process.

On the subject of factory construction, the mayor said that Debrecen has so many projects that exceed the capacity of the Hungarian construction industry and that companies are winning the contracts in a competitive bidding process. László Papp also said that the main contractor for the construction of the CATL factory in Arnstadt was a German company, with companies from other countries, including China, involved.

Source: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U