The value of the investment exceeded USD 2 million, and its significance is enhanced by the fact that researchers in Debrecen also developed the formulation produced in the facility. The company said that the new production facility will produce an immunosuppressant product that is vital for organ transplant patients.

According to the statement, years of development are coming together in a project just completed at Teva in Debrecen. Over a decade ago, the company handed over its so-called High Containment plant to produce high-potency products. In January this year, the construction of a new, specialised production area at the plant, which has a product manufacturing capacity of one billion euros, began with the aim of bringing an important finished product from the Debrecen site’s portfolio to even more patients, using the highest safety standards and complex technical solutions.

The importance of the investment, and the importance of the research base at the Debrecen site, is underlined by the fact that two research disciplines have been working on developing the product in recent years.

In the past, the manufacturing technology of the product’s active ingredient was also partly developed by researchers in Debrecen, which has enabled this product to become a key component of the site’s portfolio of active ingredients. Debrecen is also responsible for the first step in producing the active ingredient, which is taking place in the new dedicated production facility built last year with an investment of almost $23 million.

The Debrecen Generic Research and Development Directorate staff also developed the composition of the finished product. Both the development and the production require considerable expertise, as the product is a unique and complex manufacturing technology.

This immunosuppressant, which is used to prevent organ rejection in the treatment of organ transplant patients, is available in capsule form in many countries in Europe and Asia.

According to the company’s statement, the project demonstrates that Teva in Debrecen has become a knowledge centre with a strategic role in many areas, from drug development to manufacturing and in the R&D and production of the finished product, including internationally.

Source: dehir.hu | Photo credit: Facebook (Papp László)

Author: Debrecen4U