The second phase of the Civaqua programme is about to enter the design phase. The details were presented by Mayor László Papp, Deputy Mayor Ákos Balázs and ecologist Csaba Aradi, member of the Green Working Group on the 6th of  March 2024 in the Great Forest.

“Yesterday the decision was published in the Hungarian Official Gazette, according to which HUF 40.46 billion will be dedicated to the continuation of the Civaqua programme, based on the government’s decision,” Mayor László Papp announced. As he said, the continuation of the programme will be included in the European Union’s KEHOP Plus fund as a priority development element.

The mayor recalled that the first phase of the Civaqua programme was completed last November and was realised after more than fifty years. He stressed that the water supply of Tócó stream was now assured, but the aim was to further improve the city’s surface water management, with a significant focus on the Great Forest and Forest Plains (Erdőspuszták).

“Debrecen’s forest cover rate exceeds 34 percent. In case of reaching Forest Plains, we are one step away from ensuring the continuous water supply of the Vekeri and Fancsika lakes, “ László Papp pointed out.  “The continuation of the Civaqua will bring water to the Great Forest, and it is a huge step forward that the continuation of the second phase can enter the planning phase, “ he added.

Deputy Mayor Ákos Balázs spoke about the adoption of the Green Codex by the Debrecen City Assembly, which includes 50 measures on how Debrecen can be greener in the coming years. The opinion of the people of Debrecen was also asked, where the most supported measure was the “Water for the Great Forest” programme.

He added that if the programme, which will also bring water to the eastern side of the city, is implemented, a water ring will be created around the city, together with the Tócó stream.

He made the point that this is significant because it also forms a green ring around the water, a continuous green belt, which contributes significantly to improving the city’s air quality. The goal is to implement additional green measures in the next period so that Debrecen can develop in a green and sustainable way.

Ecologist Csaba Aradi, a member of the Green Working Group, said that it is a great pleasure to see that this program can be fulfilled and that the work of many years is coming close to being realised.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U