The second phase of this year’s major road repairs in the city has been underway for several weeks, Mayor László Papp said. The first phase, which started in May, was completed in the summer months and the second phase started at the end of August. Improvements were and are being carried out at such traffic hotspots as the junction of Kishegyesi Road and Derék Street and Segner Square. These works involve a great deal of responsibility, and the contractors are working to complete them as quickly as possible. Thus, in the case of Kishegyesi Road and Derék Street, the junction was returned to traffic a few days ahead of schedule, so that from today onwards the people of Debrecen can use it to its full capacity. The investment here was worth around HUF 107 million,  as not only the area of the junction itself was renovated, but also a section of the Kishegyesi road, which is about 150-150 metres long. 

This intersection is a very important junction between Tócóskert and Tócóvölgy, where a right-turn lane from Derék Street to Kishegyesi Road was constructed last year, and the cycle path network along Kishegyesi Road towards the Határ Road Industrial Park was extended, allowing continuous and safe cycling from the city centre. This shows that this part of the city has been a priority area for transport development in recent years. The improvement programme will continue in the coming months and next year: this year the city will upgrade a section of the István Street service road, a parking lot on István Street, and next year a further section of Kishegyesi Street and a designated stretch of István Street. The mayor thanked the residents for their patience during the current works and wished everyone an accident-free journey.

Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Diána Széles, as a municipal representative of one of the affected areas, pointed out that the contractor had worked with considerable effort at the junction of Kishegyesi Road and Derék Street, and although there were often major traffic jams, motorists were very patient, as everyone was understanding during this period in the interests of development. Diána Széles said that in her constituency, large-scale road repairs had been completed in almost all locations and that pedestrians, cyclists and motorists alike could now travel in civilised conditions. In the coming year, there will be a steady stream of road improvements initiated by the public, which are very important for the people who live there. The city council is keen to see as many of the streets that do not already have asphalt pavements as possible. However, not all of these roads are owned by the municipality, as there are also private roads. However, the municipality can only build roads on roads it owns. According to Diána Széles, the construction of the unpaved part of Gohér Street and the asphalting of Délibáb Street will start next year in the garden of Hatvan Street in her constituency. A part of Derekassy István Street, which has long been a private road, has already been paved in cooperation with the residents, and the planning and licensing process for another section is currently underway, followed by the raising of funds for the construction. As he said, this will mean that the roads in the more densely populated areas of his district will be paved. It is very difficult to talk about the completion of this work, as more and more residential areas are being built in the district, and work must be done to improve the infrastructure and ensure that all roads are paved.

According to András Varga, although there is no need to build new roads in Tócóskert, the old ones need to be renewed. The councillor thanked Mayor László Papp for the substantial support that Tócóskert has received in recent years and will receive in the coming years. He pointed out that the condition of the junction of Kishegyesi and Derék streets is incomparably better than a few years ago. The construction of the right turn lane from Derék Street has already led to a significant improvement in quality, and further improvements in the Tócóskert area, such as the renovation of parking lots and the improvement of István Street, are expected to improve traffic quality. András Varga also thanked the contractor for the fast and precise work at the junction of Kishegyesi Road and Derék Street, and the drivers and residents for their patience.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U