The BMW Factory Is Already in Virtual Production

2023.03.29. | Economy & Development, Investment & Innovation, News

The BMW Group Plant Debrecen is the first to be designed entirely virtually using the NVIDIA Omniverse platform.

The construction of the BMW Group Plant Debrecen has entered an impressive phase in recent weeks. The production lines are scheduled to arrive in Debrecen this year, with trial production scheduled to start in autumn 2024 and series production of the Neue Klasse models in 2025.

At the ground-breaking ceremony, it was also announced that the BMW Group would also be applying a new digitalisation approach in Debrecen – already during the construction of the plant. Experts are using comprehensive digital design tools to virtually plan the smallest details of the entire production process: each phase and step of production is digitally simulated and optimised with high precision. In collaboration with NVIDIA in the US and using the jointly developed Omniverse design software, the design is more accurate and faster and makes it easier to work together in-house and with partners and suppliers.

 “This breathtaking technology is revolutionary. Our facility in Debrecen is already producing the Neue Klasse generation of models – in virtual space,” Milan Nedeljković, Member of the Board of Management of BMW AG responsible for Production, said.

BMW was the first car manufacturer to model production in virtual space years before production, and this innovation is being used here for the first time, but at GTC 2023, they also announced that the NVIDIA Omniverse platform would be used in all their factories in the future.

Using this, they will be able to test production efficiency, identify risks, eliminate potential errors and optimise processes before physically installing a new production line.

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise facilitates collaboration between different sites and time zones and supports the design and development of structures, production systems and processes at a whole new technological level. The system acts as a “cockpit”, providing quick and easy access to BMW’s digital design worlds. The cloud-based and cloud-agnostic Omniverse will be made available to experts in BMW’s various technology areas and design departments at the end of this month.

“This is the first digital car manufacturing plant, and the development will allow people working in the plant to start working before the plant is finished,” Richard Kerris, vice president of Nvidia’s Omniverse platform, said.

“The use of virtualisation and artificial intelligence is accelerating and refining our design processes. By bringing together different design systems into one digital twin, our teams worldwide can collaborate in real-time and make decisions faster and with more information,” Milan Nedeljković explained.

In addition to the construction work, BMW Group Plant Debrecen is also intensifying its recruitment activities, currently looking for hundreds of employees for nearly ninety open positions. The list of available positions is constantly updated.  

Source and Photo credit: dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U