The automotive industry can be a driving force for the region’s economy and the city can be at the forefront of international transformation. This was the message of Mayor László Papp at the professional conference organised on the opening day of Debrecen Drive. The conference also discussed the role of BMW Group Factory Debrecen and the launch of hydrogen and electric buses.

“Production of the pure electric-powered Neue Klasse models is scheduled to start next year at the BMW Group plant in Debrecen. The automotive industry could be a driving force for the region’s economy, helping the city to spearhead a transformation that points to the future,” László Papp said at the forum.

The mayor emphasised that the economic development of the last ten years had created HUF 5,000 billion in working capital and almost 20,000 jobs. “ I am very happy to be part of this period, as it is an unparalleled opportunity in the life of a city. It is our task to use these opportunities well and in a forward-looking way, taking into account the interests of the citizens of the city and the region,” László Papp added.

“The educational conditions are provided by the Debrecen Vocational Training Centre and the University of Debrecen. The latter is strengthening its training through industry partnerships, the most significant of which is the agreement with BMW. We plan processes together. They are building on our economists and our lawyers, and they are also counting on the innovation and technological skills of the Faculty of Engineering, and on the output of specialists,” Rector of the University of Debrecen Zoltán Szilvássy said.

“In January, a pilot project of the HUMDA hydrogen bus was launched in Debrecen. The range of these vehicles is most similar to that of diesel vehicles, but they are significantly more expensive. Their electric counterparts are more readily available and have been put into service across the country thanks to the government’s Green Bus project, which enabled and is enabling municipalities, several county towns and even smaller towns of up to 25,000 inhabitants to replace conventional diesel buses with electric ones. Hundreds of buses are already in service,” Deputy State Secretary for Transport Strategy at the Ministry of Construction and Transport  Lóránd Bói said.

Other topics discussed at the conference included the conscious use of electric cars and the future of the automotive industry.


Author: Debrecen4U