Mayor of Debrecen László Papp, and municipal representative István Kovács reported on the details of the investment at a press conference on the 19th of April, 2024, on Seregély Street in the Haláp district.

As László Papp said “Haláp is one of the most beautiful and quietest parts of Debrecen, home to a very important community in the city. The environment is beautiful, and the town is in an economic position where the municipality has the opportunity to invest development funds in neighbourhoods several kilometres away from the town centre. In recent years, transport development has been one of the most important areas of the city budgets in Debrecen, and it is still the case at the moment. One of the most important parts of the 2024 Horticultural Development Program is the construction and renovation of roads. Road construction is underway from Kismacs to Nagymacs to Ondód and Haláp. A small-scale road construction was now taking place in Haláp, the first section of Seregély Street between Fecske Street and Csíz Street was renewed. Several streets in this part of the city need to be developed, so in the next period the municipality will also pay extra attention to the development of the transport infrastructure in Haláp, since this area is also an important and integral part of Debrecen.”

As László Papp emphasised, “road investment works are currently taking place in countless places in Debrecen. This year, within the framework of the Garden Development Program, a total of 57 streets will be affected by road improvements within the framework of the talented development program, meaning either the construction of a new road, or renovation or reconstruction. In 2024, the construction of 23 streets will take place in the city, for this purpose, the city’s budget allocated HUF 2.5 billion. 26 streets will also be paved with large surfaces, the city will provide HUF 1.7 billion for this. The municipality also thought about housing estates: 8 road sections will be developed and renovated in these areas.”

The mayor also mentioned that Seregély Street is a very important route in Haláp, as it leads to the doctor’s office. Road works will continue on this route in the coming years. One of the biggest developments in Haláp in recent years has been the construction of a network of pipes to provide healthy drinking water. The question is whether Haláp wants to expand. Local residents should be consulted on this. There are also areas here where young people would like to build. If the municipality wants to help this aspiration, further utility improvements are needed in the eastern part of the town. This is why it is very important to invest in the eastern part of the city, where a new transport corridor and major improvements to the drinking water and sewage networks are being planned as a first step. 

This is a prerequisite for providing Haláp, Nagycsere and the eastern districts of the city, the so-called ” closed garden areas “, with serious development opportunities, and thus for making them Debrecen’s first-class residential areas. László Papp stressed that this is extremely important for the city as it helps the people living here. It has always been the aim to create conditions that provide a first-class quality of life for people living in the eastern part of the city, whether they live in the András Bajk Garden, Kondoroskert, Haláp, Nagycser or elsewhere.

Municipal representative István Kovács thanked the mayor and the entire city administration for the new impetus given to road development in this part of the city. The section of the road in Seregély Street is 100 metres long and 5.5 metres wide, with drainage ditches. Other recent improvements include making the main road crossing safer for pedestrians by adding a flashing yellow warning sign. The improvements are continuing. He said he is also seeing more and more people moving to this part of town because they think it can be a worthy place to settle down and start a family. István Kovács encouraged everyone to choose this part of the city as their place of residence.


Author: Debrecen4U