Speaking at the event, Mayor of Debrecen László Papp said: “This is a project of major importance for the city’s future, which has been long awaited by the people living in the eastern part of the city.”  

He said that the Ministry of Construction and Transport is a priority for Debrecen and symbolises the cooperation that characterises the city of Debrecen and the activities of the government today. 

“This relationship is extremely important for Debrecen, as Debrecen has been a key player in the development of transport, economic development, cultural development and education in recent years,” he said.

The mayor stressed that a total of 19 developments will be launched in the coming months, either at the planning or construction stage. “Debrecen has seized the high-priority opportunities of the 21st century and, accordingly, it must find answers to the challenges of the 21st century,” he said.

He added that 16 of the 19 development elements will be implemented within the administrative boundaries of Debrecen, while the rest will affect the city.

He said that constructing the eastern bypass would be a qualitative leap for the eastern part of the city, both in terms of transport and quality of life. He recalled that the eastern part of the city has also seen a lot of transport development in recent years, such as the reconstruction of the 48 motorway and the ongoing development of the 471 motorway on Samson Road. He noted that the upgrades would define the city’s transport system for decades to come.

The city’s bypass ring road has so far been only one-way. One of the key elements of the development is to complete the ring road around Debrecen in such a way that it will be at an adequate and safe distance from Pallag, linking the eastern bypass to the 354 main roads, he explained. He added that the significance of the 20-22 km bypass is that it provides an alternative approach either to the city centre or to bypass the city to the north or south and can be clearly designated as an alternative route for freight traffic.

József Pántya, Deputy State Secretary for Roads at the Ministry of Construction and Transport, stressed that as Debrecen’s economic potential has grown in recent years, so too has attention to road infrastructure development. He said preparing the eastern bypass of Debrecen requires finding consensus on social, environmental, civil and heritage protection issues.

MP László Pósán said that the Eastern Bypass could make a major contribution to making local roads easier to use on a daily basis.

The contract for the study design of the Debrecen Eastern Bypass was signed by József Pántya, Deputy State Secretary for Road Construction at the Ministry of Construction and Transport, and György Lakits, Managing Director of Utiber Kft., the winning consortium.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U