This year, among other things, the aim is to convey the eternal moral messages of the Hungarian folktale treasure in a new way and to expand the target groups. The Vojtina Puppet Theatre will be open to the public in two venues and four halls.

This year, Vojtina Puppet Theatre celebrates the 40th anniversary of its foundation and the 30th anniversary of its official status as a puppet theatre. Anikó Asbóth, the director, said that the main goal this year is to continue to focus on diversity and to talk about important issues. “The most important thing is to talk about issues that are important problems for the age group we are targeting or even important problems in the lives of families today,” she said.

Terka Láposi, artistic director of the Vojtina Puppet Theatre, said that puppet theatres are a bridge between the real and digital worlds. Families have a great need and demand for ritual plays, for example, which have been a feature of the puppet theatre’s programme for almost a quarter of a century. “From the Harvest Festival to the Pentecost Games, they have a total of six such performances, all of which are sold out. We cater to a performance-oriented world where children need a holiday. The adult knows this, and the child demands it. We’ve been doing our ritual games in Vojtina for twenty-three years, twenty-three years of continuous expansion and development,” she stressed.

According to Deputy Mayor of Debrecen István Puskás, some families in Debrecen have been growing up with Vojtina for generations. He hopes that this year, we can fully return to the community and cultural life that is typical for us.

“I hope that Vojtina will finally be able to prepare a season and that the city’s cultural institutions – and thus the city community – will be able to prepare a season free of the constraints of previous years. We are preparing to return to a serene, normal everyday life,”  the deputy mayor said.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U