According to the plans, the Environmental Control System will start operating this year, even before the start of large plants. With the help of experts from the University of Debrecen, the system ensures that science serves the interests of the population.

Hungary does not yet have an environmental control system like the one that is expected to start in Debrecen this year, said the city’s mayor in his annual review interview with Debrecen Television.

He recalled that at the public hearing in January, he promised the people of Debrecen to create a system that would monitor and control industrial and economic processes independently of the production units.

The measurement systems operating in different areas of the city will send the measured results to a data centre, which will be analysed by specialists and then published.

‘It is also our aspiration that civil organisations that are suitable for this and have adequate knowledge are also involved in the operation of this control system. The socialisation and giving continuous, 24/7 information to the city’s citizens can be realised in this way. The system will be such that no event that we are not aware of can happen anywhere in the city, ’Mayor László Papp said.

András Hajdu, the chairman of the IT working group, said in the second broadcast of the Future Workshop (Jövőműhely) that the researchers of the University of Debrecen immediately said yes to the request, because if the city had a well-functioning environmental protection system, it could only be useful for the settlement.

‘This is a sustainable, forward-looking area that will be very important to the residents here and we can really feel it as our own. So you can immediately get behind this kind of initiative. We don’t have to worry about the data as those will be provided by authentic sensors. A number two defence line can be placed on it, where we can involve the population. The numbers don’t lie, ‘ András Hajdu emphasised.

More details will be found about the operation of the environmental control system in the second broadcast of the Future Workshop.

Source: Dehir.hu

Author: Debrecen4U