A conference on global and regional challenges was held at the University of Debrecen on the occasion of World Water Day. At the event, Deputy Mayor of Debrecen Ákos Balázs said that the elements of the Debrecen Green Codex could help to address water management issues.

Population and climate change threaten to create a regional water crisis, and like in the rest of the world, the Carpathian Basin does not have unlimited, free freshwater resources, which poses a challenge to regional water management; among others, water management and agricultural experts and researchers discussed the solution at the conference in Debrecen.

The forum was organised to bring together the key regional players in the process to discuss the options.

“We need to collect the opinions and from this we need to develop a Debrecen declaration, which will formulate the place of water management in the process of agriculture, food production and urbanisation, and how to do it well. All stakeholders, expressing their views, should agree on the next step, either in the medium or long term,” Dean of the Faculty of Agriculture, Food Science and Environmental Management of the University of Debrecen László Stündl pointed out.

“Debrecen’s environmental protection program, the Green Codex, sets out tasks and expectations in 50 points. Among these, based on the almost 60,000 votes received by the local news portal, the Civaqua and tree planting programs, as well as the construction of the Environmental Control System, concern the citizens  the most. This year, the municipality will spend HUF 12 billion on the elements of the program. Security and development go hand in hand in the city,” Ákos Balázs emphasised.

“We want to create a water ring around the city. The Tisza has already reached Tócó and the government has recently decided to support the continuation of Civaqua, so that the water can continue towards Kondoros. We can say that we can plant plants next to the water ring, the “blue ring”, and we will also create a green ring,”  the Deputy Mayor highlighted.

The participants of the conference expressed the need for the creation of a database for water recharge, in particular regarding the Civaqua area as an implemented “good practice”, and the need for modern water retention solutions and the development of the Eastern Main Channel (Keleti-Főcsatorna) riverbed, among others.

Source: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U