The package the Hungarian Reformed Charity Service distributed to 150 families in need on Tuesday morning also contained cooking oil, flour, canned goods and immune boosters. The needy were also welcomed with a charity meal by the service’s staff.

With Easter approaching, the Hungarian Reformed Charity Service helped the needy with 150 generously filled parcels.”I regularly visit the Hungarian Reformed Charity Service, they help me in everything, thank God. I have seven children, I’m expecting a baby, I live in a family transition home,” Tímea Mária Szabó said.

The aim of the donors is that, at least during the holiday, those in need can focus not on their needs, but on the joy of the Resurrection. “No matter how deep anyone can be, or if their life is in a difficult situation, there are still resources, there is still a way out, and I think this is a very important thing that we always want to emphasise at these donation distributions,” Pastor István Oláh pointed out.

Parish councillor for diaconate András Beszterczey, in his greeting in addition to the celebration of the Resurrection, emphasised the importance of peace. “The very fact of Jesus’ resurrection, the very person of Jesus, proclaimed to all, “Peace to you”. This is what this world needs most now. The peace that brings families together, friends together, communities together, churches together,” he emphasised.

The Hungarian Reformed Charity Service held a donation distribution in 34 settlements across the country. With this, more than a thousand families were supported in their holiday preparations. “We invited those families and elderly brothers and sisters who in recent weeks have turned to our service for help with a request for donations. We can help one hundred and fifty families at the donation distribution in Debrecen. They receive a rich food package, an immune-boosting product is also included in the packages, and we also invited those living in poverty to a charity meal,”  Communications Manager of the Charity Service Zsófia Dobis-Lucski said.

Diána Széles spoke to the audience about the power of belonging to the community. “It is important for us that the love that comes from being able to give something to people, even it can be a donation, but our love is more what we want to give. It’s great to give, and we want that experience to be experienced by as many people as possible. Every time we do a distribution like this, I feel that the work we put in is worth it,” the Deputy Mayor – emphasised.

After the handover of the parcels, a charity reception was held for those in need. This was an opportunity for service staff to meet them and learn about their situation.

Source: debrecen.hu

Balogh Judit
Author: Balogh Judit