On the 10th of October 2023, the large-scale asphalting of Segner Square, at one of Debrecen’s largest traffic junctions, was completed with the painting of pavement signs.

At the same time, a new traffic regime will be introduced, allowing left turns in two lanes to make traffic more dynamic; from  Segner Square to Hatvan Street, left turns will be possible from the inner straight lane instead of the previous one left lane.

The works started on 11th of September 2023, during which – in the last month – the municipality has also reconstructed the pavement of all traffic lanes, as well as the  Segner Square – Kishegyesi Road and Segner Square – Hatvan Street intersections, covering a total area of around 3,500 square metres. In addition, the bus stop on the Segner Square side of the square (the “Nyugati Street” bus stop) has been completely rebuilt. However, the bus stop will remain closed until the 25th of October due to the time needed for the basalt concrete to set.

The Segner Square junction is an important urban transport “artery” connecting large residential areas with the city centre. A major overhaul of the road is essential to make it more comfortable, safe and environmentally friendly.

During the works, the traffic order changed several times, so the city thanks the public for their patience.

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U