The service road at 33-35 Sinai Miklós Street will be renewed on the residents’ initiative. Lajos Barcsa, deputy mayor of Debrecen and municipal representative of the district, held a press conference on the site on the 11th of October, 2023.

The economic strength of the city shows that we can carry out local developments such as the one in Sinai Miklós Street,” the deputy mayor said. He added that residents in the area mainly use the service road for parking, so last week, leaflets were distributed to remind residents to park their vehicles elsewhere during the works.

The milling work started yesterday, the utilities are now being levelled, and it is hoped that asphalt will be laid later this week, after which residents can use these parking areas and the service road again. The municipality is spending around 15 million forints on the renovation, he said.

He noted that several roads in the Vénkert have been renewed recently. Among other things, the service road on Füredi Road between 44-64 has been completely renovated, and the car park there has also been renewed. Likewise, a parking lot and service road behind 21 Sinai Miklós Street have also been renovated recently, and both the parking lot and the service road in Gyergyó Street have been completely renewed.

“We are gradually making progress. Here in Vénkert, we can see that as the city’s economic strength grows, we are also trying to give as much as possible back to meet local needs”, he stressed. He added that, to the satisfaction of the residents, every year, a street in Vénkert is paved and renovated.

Source and photo crediet: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U