The municipality of Debrecen is making mosquito control more effective by distributing mosquito repellents. Residents in the city can use the tablets, which inhibit the development of larvae, free of charge. Collection is possible on presentation of an identity card and address card from Monday to Friday,  for two weeks, at Új Városháza, during customer reception hours.

The municipality of Debrecen considers it important to have effective and efficient protection against mosquitoes, which is made even more effective by distributing free tablets.

Residents of Debrecen can pick up mosquito repellent tablets (10 pieces/package) during customer reception hours in the customer reception area on the ground floor of  Új Városháza (Kálvin tér 11.), customer window 18, by presenting an identity card and address card, without drawing a number.

Pesticides can be collected from Monday, the 6th of May, 2024 to Friday, the 17th of May, 2024. The client reception schedule of the Debrecen mayor’s office is available on the city’s website, at the following website: www.debrecen.hu/hu/debreceni/papiralapu-ugyintezes/

The recommended period of use for the tablets is between April and October, as needed. The pesticide is not suitable for use in stagnant water, and is effective in rainwater collecting containers. 

What should you know about mosquito repellent tablets?

The larvae of some species of mosquitoes can be home to rainwater collected in the water collection barrel, under flower pots, or in scattered waste. In urban environments, there are many objects in which rainwater accumulation allows mosquitoes to breed. 

Mosquito breeding can be expected in containers suitable for collecting rainwater in the garden (e.g. barrels, tubs, cans, buckets, etc.) and in garden pools if water is permanently present in them. In this case, larval development is undisturbed in stagnant water, and a new generation of mosquitoes can develop even weekly in the summer heat. By using the product, you can enjoy relief for 3-4 weeks. Tablets not used this year will retain their quality until the end of summer 2025.

Description of product:

The active ingredient of the product is S-methoprene, which is suitable for inhibiting the development of mosquito larvae and the transformation of pupae into full-grown mosquitoes when introduced into breeding waters. It affects the larvae of several mosquito species (Aedes aegypti, Aedes albopictus, Culex pipiens). The tablet slowly and continuously releases its active ingredient under the influence of water, preventing mosquitoes that have grown up in the treated water from hatching. The destruction of the majority of individuals occurs in the pupal state. It does not destroy the larvae yet, so during its use, live and moving larvae may still occur in water bodies, which will die in the pupal stage. The product has no effect on adult mosquitoes.

Water with tablets must not come into contact with food; therefore, it is not suitable for watering vegetables, fruit and herb gardens! It may be used to treat water surfaces near the dwelling that are not used for drinking, are not in contact with living water and are not intended for ornamental fish! 

Water treated with the active substance can only be used for watering lawns and ornamental plants!  Rainwater harvesters, garden ponds with waterproofing underpinnings and water stains on the insulation of flat-roofed condominiums can all be treated with the pesticide.

The dosage of the preparation depends on the nature of the water to be treated:

– clean water: 1 tablet every 300-400 litres every four weeks,

– polluted water: 1 tablet every four weeks for every 150-200 litres,

– heavily polluted water: 1 tablet every 4 weeks for every 20-30 litres.

The effectiveness of city-wide abatement will only be realised if action is taken not only at a social level but also at an individual level. 

What can you do to have fewer mosquitoes in your environment?

Eliminate water reservoirs in your home that promote the breeding of mosquitoes.

Preventive measures: 

1) covering  the rainwater barrel with a lid or mosquito net

2 )covering water left in cans and buckets, keeping it in a shady place

3) keeping gutters clean 

4) preventing accumulation of rainwater. 

5) Store buckets, jugs, wheelbarrows, children’s toys, etc. in the yard in such a way that rainwater cannot collect in them.

6) Instead of refilling the animals’ drinking water, regularly replace it with fresh water .

Many species of mosquitoes survive the winter by retreating to shelter from frost in the autumn. Keep garage, cellar, shed and barn windows closed during the autumn months or protect them with mosquito nets. 

Adhering to the above household recommendations will help prevent the breeding of mosquitoes.


Author: Debrecen4U