In Debrecen, traffic congestion is constantly monitored and solutions to parking problems near educational institutions are being explored.

In light of these findings, the municipality is now facilitating parking on Szent Anna Street by increasing the number of parking spaces near educational institutions.

To resolve the parking problems on Szent Anna Street, expanding the existing parking spaces between Sumen Street and Varga Street will start on Saturday, the 28th of October, 2023. As part of the works, a separate 3.5 m wide “taxi lane” will be installed on the existing pavement to provide access to the parking spaces on the Svetits Catholic Nursery, Primary School, Secondary School and College side of Szent Anna Street. Flexible lane dividers will be installed between the traffic and taxi lanes to facilitate safe access to and egress from the parking spaces.

From 6th of November 2023 until the completion of the construction works, temporary parking spaces will be provided in the right-turn lane of Klaipeda Street. These temporary parking spaces – temporarily designated until the completion of the works – will be available only during school hours: 7:15 a.m.-8:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.-5:00 p.m. The ban on stopping will not apply during this period.

The pavement on the side of the Szent József Nursery, Primary, Secondary and High School will be widened so that the number of parking spaces will remain unchanged once the works are completed.

Overall, the pavement of Szent Anna Street will be widened so that from left to right, there will be a parallel parking lane, two straight traffic lanes, 1 separated “taxi lane”, and a 45°, partly parallel parking lane. The intervention is expected to reduce congestion during the morning and afternoon rush hours and create safer parking conditions.

During the work, we ask for the patience and understanding of all road users and for increased attention when driving near the work area. The project is expected to take three weeks, weather permitting.

Source: debrecne.hu | Photo credit: Facebook (Debrecen városa)

Author: Debrecen4U