How does Generation Z become good business leaders? What can boost tourism? How to make an effective change? These were some of the topics discussed at the Womanext Academy. The women’s business club has been running for a year and its quarterly programme addresses current labour market issues. Eleven professionals discussed the topics.

Generation Z in the workplace was the first topic of the round table discussion. During the Womanext Academy Women’s Entrepreneurship Club panel discussion, experts took turns on stage in small groups, one topic at a time. 

Entrepreneurs came from all over the country, but also local business leaders shared their experiences. Participants said it is important to create jobs that harness the talents of all generations.

“At our company, you can find four to five generations if you take our academy here. So it’s a big challenge for managers to create a team that can deliver. We do a lot of work on this topic,”  Managing Director of Schaeffler Debrecen Ltd. Péter Szabó said.

The Womanext Business Club is now one year old. Since its inception, it has organised, among other programmes, quarterly professional forums on the most current issues in the labour market. 

They also discussed the reasons for the 14% year-on-year increase in tourism turnover in the country and how businesses can change effectively. 

“The economic development of Debrecen has given birth to this community. Because we see that there is a huge need for employees from different sectors and company sizes to meet each other and get to know each other’s points of view,”  President of Womanext Association Gyöngyi Porkoláb said .

The Womanext Academy will be presented at the Campus Festival and a professional forum will be organised in Budapest in September. 


Author: Debrecen4U