The 15th edition of the conference was held at the Déri Museum. 

The two-day event brought together around 100 professionals and was one of the closing events of the Autumn Festival of Museums. The Autumn Festival of Museums started at the end of September. 

With a national tradition going back almost two decades, 127 museums joined the event, organising more than 1,400 programmes. These include the National Museum Education Conference, one of the closing professional events of the festival. 

“We were able to reach a wide range of people, from children to adults, so it was a successful venture. We consider museum education to be particularly important, as museums are knowledge-generating institutions, where research generates knowledge that needs to be passed on,” Lajos Lakner, Deputy Scientific Director of the Déri Museum, said.

This time the two-day conference was entitled “Authentic Variations ” (Hiteles variációk in Hungarian). The conference, attended by around 100 experts, will discuss the relationship between authentic sources of information and science communication in museums.

“Museums, with their objects, their intellectual and built heritage elements, and the knowledge content behind them, can provide answers that can help in this very messy world,” Miklós Cseri, Director General of the Museum of Ethnography, said.

The main organiser of the event was the Museum of Ethnography, and the co-organiser and host is the Déri Museum. 

“It is perhaps no coincidence that this conference, which is being held for the 15th time, is coming to Debrecen for the first time this year.”I believe that this choice is also due to the very high quality of the professional work being done here,” Deputy Mayor of Debrecen István Puskás stressed. 

The Golden Hedgehog Award was established this year, and was given to the Herman Ottó Museum in Miskolc for the creation of a video content. 

Source and photo credit: debrecen.hu

Author: Debrecen4U